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    Shichihon Yari, Junmai 80% of polished rice

    Produced under contract and in collaboration with a local farmer, this junmai-style sake makes use of rice polished a mere 20% from their original size. As such, the end result is similarly rugged, with a heavy, rustic body and pronounced savory component, but clean acidity in the aftertaste. A sake that thrillingly reflects the strong core of the rice from which it was crafted.

        Shichihon Yari, Pesticide-free Junmai, Mu-U

        This sake is limited edition named “Mu-U”. It means “Not exist” and ”Exist” in Japanese. It comes from the thoughts that “Newly valuable sake was born embracing ideas of both of farmer and brewer by getting rid of pesticide. Tamasakae grew with no pesticide by Takakazu Yagura, practical farmer, was polished to 60%. Through 1-and-a-half-year ferment, it engenders aroma like rich & savory nuts and brilliant & well-rounded body. You’ll feel core strength of rice fostered through struggling with weed and coexistence with nature.

        Daijiro, Yamahai Junmai

        Articulating the unique character of sake is the central belief embedded in the Daijiro brand. Above all, it emphasizes the robust and condensed savory elements of sake produced in the yamahai style – a method that employs higher yeast concentration in the initial mash, and forces different strains to compete, ensuring that only the stronger will contribute to the finished product.

            Takesuzume, Yamahai Junmai, Omachi, Steamed

            Having been pressed and pasteurized in 2014, this sake was cellared for a whole twelve months, despite which it still has a vibrant and evolving character. Savory notes of raisin dominate, with expanding acidity and strong presence from start to finish. Clean and well-rounded throughout.

                Gunma Izumi, Yamahai Junmai, Maikaze

                Uniting a newly-developed local variety of rice, dubbed Maikaze, and the endemic Gunma 2 yeast strain, this limited-release is a true celebration of Gunma Prefecture. Produced in the yamahai style – a method that employs higher yeast concentration in the initial mash, forcing different strains to compete, and ensuring that only the strong survive – it presents a profoundly savory character and pronounced acidity at first, before broadening to offer notes of stewed strawberries. Beguiling in its deep flavor, without being cloying, and refreshing edge, it is eminently – perhaps too – drinkable.

                Shichida, Junmai, Yamadaho, 75% polished, Non-Filtration Original Sake

                Synonymous with the Shichida name is a set of four limited release, unpasteurized sake, each using one of four sake rice varieties – Yamada Nishiki, Yamadaho, Omachi, and Aiyama – and all polished at 75%. When the yields of Yamadaho are greater, this particular one is brewer more regularly. As a parent variety to the more prevalent Yamada Nishiki, this grain possesses a rigid, somewhat primal quality that creates an exciting flavor profile.