Sake for each Event

For Your Evening Drink

Tshushimaya, Kiwame no Yamada Nishiki, Junmai Daiginjou, Bottle Enclosure

Ultimate Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo pref. was polished to 45%. Junmai Daiginjou especially charged in the small tank in the coldest period was directly bottled, heated once and matured on 10℃.
 Brilliant nose of fruits and delicate but neat body is superb.
 It starts of elegant, deserves “Kiawme”, superb.
 Please enjoy perfect quality balanced delicatedly various tastes and feelings.


Shichihon-Yari, Junmai80% of polished rice

Tamasakae the local contract farmer raised was polished only 20% to become less polished Junmai Sake. Because of rugged, full of rustic and heavy body, thick savouries are in and you can finish aftertaste with its neat sourness.
This Sake has drawn the savouries of rice the best and thrills us to the heart’s core.


For Deep Conversation with Your Friends

Akitora Junmai Yamada Nishiki 80%

This is a new savoury Sake for dinner, Awa Yamada Nishiki was polished only 20%. Less polished. But it develops body in the middle. This sake is savoury notes of banana and grain. Clear savouries and refreshing feeling in aftertast improve the appearance of the food without tiresomeness.


Zaku, Junmai, Honotomo

This Sake taste and flavor are balanced the best of the three of Junmai works of “Zaku”. Both comfortable flavor of fruits imaging lychee and gentle sweetness It expresses gentle rice taste like giving relaxing to drinker true to Sake’s name.


Shichihon-Yari, Pesticide-free, Junmai, “Mu-U”

This Sake is limited edition named “Mu-U”. It means “Not exist” and ”Exist” in Japanese. It comes from the thoughts that “Newly valuable Sake was born embracing ideas of both of farmer and brewer by getting rid of pesticide.
Tamasakae grew with no pesticide by Takakazu Yagura, practical farmer, was polished to 60%. Through 1-and-a-half-year ferment, it engenders flavor like rich & savory nuts and brilliant & well-rounded body.
You’ll feel core strength of rice for Sake fostered through struggling with weed and coexistence with nature.

In A Toast


Miinokotobuki, Harujungin, Quadrifoglio, Usunigori Nama

Quadrifoglio means fortune four leaf clover in Italian. Just as imagined flower garden of white clover, a little clouded pure Sake is bottled in the green bottle. This Sake smells florid flavor recalling pineapple. First, it starts of moist gentle sweet and then moderate sourness brings crispy to the whole, finally it comfortably disappears.


Akitora, Junmai, Yamada Nishiki 60%

Flavor, slightly recalling banana. Comfortable pure savories expand neatly from the beginning and then aftertaste comes refreshingly, wonderful. Traditional Squeezing machine named “Fune” is used carefully to brew this Sake. It makes us feel impressingly the level height of regular products. Kept cold around 10℃ and poured to flat cup, this Sake makes fun because of gradually temperature rising during drinking.


Atagono Matsu Limited Junmai Ginjou Hiyaoroshi

Same speck series as “Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjou Hiyaoroshi”. How to design Sake quality depends on the goal of aimed quality even they were made by the same brewer, the same rice for Sake, in the same polishing rate of rice. This sake is savoury notes of banana and melon, and comfortable souress makes refreshment. Adequite maturity over 1 summer brings softness and richness of taste. You can feel a little more abundant than Hakurakusei.