Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Sakura Co., Ltd. (our company) recognizes the proper protection of the customer’s personal information collected and possessed as a serious obligation, and in order to fulfill this responsibility, we will establish the personal information protection policy as follows.

Proper collection, use, provision, consignment of personal information.

  1. When dealing with personal information, we will specify the purpose of use as much as possible.
  2. In the case of acquiring personal information, except for cases where the law is excluded from application, we inform or publicize the purpose of use and use it within that range.
  3. We will not handle personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use or provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the consent of the individual beforehand unless the law is excluded from application.
  4. In the case of using the personal information entrusted to a third party, we will provide a confidentiality agreement with the third party and provide it, and we will properly supervise the trustee.

Safety management measures of personal information.

Safety measures will be taken to prevent and correct illegal access to personal information, leakage, loss or damage of personal information. Specifically, we will comply with the following matters.

Scope of personal information.

With your name, birth date, phone number, e-mail address, address, work place etc information, By this information is meant information that can identify you personally.

Purpose of collection and use of personal information.

The purpose for which we collect or use personal information is as follows.

  • To provide products and services.
  • For providing information about products and services.
  • For sending seminars, events, etc contacts, guidance documents etc.
  • For providing after-sales service such as seminars · events.
  • To answer inquiries from customers.
  • In order to provide information that our company judged useful for customers.

We manage our privacy as the first priority.
We store and store your personal information safely under strict management.
Such personal information, if obtained by customer’s consent, when requested by law,
Or unless it is necessary to protect our rights or property,
We will not provide it to third parties.
If you register on this site, from Sakura liquor store
Assume that you are permitted to send an e-mail magazine.

Disclosure of information to third parties.

  1. We will never provide / disclose personal information to third parties without customer’s consent, unless we fall under 2 below.
  2. We may disclose personal information to a third party if it falls into the following.
    1. According to laws and ordinances
    2. When we judge that it is necessary for human life, body or property protection
    3. When we judge that it is necessary for securing the rights of our customers or our company
    4. When consigning the handling of personal information to a contractor who has signed a confidentiality agreement with the limit necessary for business execution
    5. When payment is required by purchasing products, using services, applying for seminars and events,
      When exchanging personal information with financial institutions.
    6. When personal information is provided for the purpose of analysis etc. within a range where individual identification is impossible.

Disclosure of retained personal data.

With respect to our own personal data, when you request disclosure of your own information, We confirm that you are the person you requested, We will disclose your personal information without delay, unless stipulated by law.

Correction, addition, deletion of retained personal data.

If you wish to correct, add, or delete your own personal information about our own personal data, we confirm that you are the person who is offering, there is content that differs from the fact In case, we will correct, add and delete without delay.

Stop and delete usage of personal data held.

If you wish to suspend or delete the use of your own information or stop offering by a third party with respect to our own personal data, we will confirm that you are the person you requested, We will suspend and delete or stop offering third parties without delay.

Reception desk such as disclosure.

We will accept inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension and deletion of personal data held by our company and inquiries concerning our company’s handling of personal information at the reception desk below. Regarding the procedure of reception, it depends on procedures separately defined by us.

Reception desk.

Gifu Prefecture Ogaki-shi development town 3-183, Kaihatsu cho, Ogaki City
Sakura Sake Shop Co.,Ltd

Change of personal information protection policy.

We may change all or part of the above policy. In that case, We will show you the changes on our website.