Takesuzume, Yamahai Junmai, Non-Filtration Original Sake

Typical of yamahai-style sake bearing the name Take Suzume, there is a heft and a weight to this that still manages to display restraint and sophistication. A distinctive aroma, inherent freshness, and structured dry body marks further ground for an ever-evolving brewer.

Rokuju Yoshu, Junmai Ginjo, Yamada Nishiki

Beyond a veil of pear-scented aroma, the subtle sweet rice character and deep well of flavor make this a rich but surprisingly easy-drinking sake. Its clear and pure nature create a reinvigorating sensation, while quality and consistency have seen it awarded first place in the regional Liquor Review Committee – which combines Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki Prefectures – as well as an astonishing ten consecutive wins at the highly-contested Sake Competition, multiple golds in each year of the U.S. National Sake Appraisal, and many more. The critics and populace are certainly united in praise.

Tohokuizumi, Junmai, Chotto Omachi

Reflecting a tendency to understate their achievements, the name Chotto Omachi – or 'Just a Little Omachi' – is anything but. This is a masterpiece, encapsulating the voluminous character of the Omachi rice variant and displaying a deft control in its light texture and echoing flavor profile. A true exemplar of "heart-warming" sake.