Mii no Kotobuki, Harujungin, Quadrifoglio, Usunigori Nama

As the label might suggest, Quadrifoglio refers to the lucky four-leafed clover, fittingly emblazoned in white over a field of green, just as the flowers are. With a slight cloudiness – due to some residual rice lees – the sake presents floral notes of pineapple, some subtle sweetness, and then moderate acidity leading to a crisp finish, before fading pleasantly.

Mii no Kotobuki, Natsu-jungin, Cicala

Part of an ever-popular 'Italian series' – with flavours and labels riffing on a theme for each season – the Cicala reflects the character of summer, while the brown bottle acknowledges the trees that bear its raucous namesake on the label, the cicada. With its yeast strains producing notably high levels of malic acid during fermentation, both the aroma and flavor profile resemble that of apples – either crisp and refreshing, if served chilled, or showing a mild sweetness when served at room temperature. Perfect as an introduction to sake, or for those who struggle with other examples, and a well-balanced summer drink from any angle.