Zaku, Junmai, Ho no Tomo

Of the three incarnations of Zaku in a junmai style, Ho no moto offers the ideal balance of flavor and aroma. Presenting an initial scent of lychee and fruit character, proceeding into a subtle sweetness, and finishing with a light aftertaste, it expresses the character of rice grain in a gentle, harmonious manner, as its name suggests.

Zaku, Satori, Junmai Daiginjo, Shizukudori

With a pressing method, the primary mash – moromi – is bagged and suspended, thereby relying on the force of gravity alone to act as a press, and yielding a small volume of exceptional quality sake. With a polish rate of 40%, this is the premium incarnation of Zaku. Both aroma and flavor are lavish yet abound with a sense of clarity. Featured as the toast at the G7 summit in Ise-Shima, 2016.

Zaku, Miyabi no Tomo, Junmai Daiginjo, Nakadori

Within sake production, three terms are used to distinguish between stages in the pressing process: Arabashiri for the first portions, and Seme for the last, leaving Nakadori to refer to the most pure and prized portion drawn off during the height. Presenting a luscious ginjo-style aroma, mellow and elegant sweetness, and a glossy texture that permeates through the whole length, it seems to bring time to a stand-still. Delicate and refined to the utmost.