Kaishun, Yorokobi no Ryu, Junmai Daiginjo 1800ml

Demonstrating a slavish dedication to the brewing craft, this sake employs the most traditional and laborious kimoto method, which promotes natural interaction and competition between any strains of yeast and micro-organisms in the surrounding area. Without a reliance on cultivating certain strains, this creates to a unique micro-ecosystem in the brewery, and one which is ever-evolving according to its own forms of natural selection. Furthermore, pressing is done entirely by the force of gravity on a suspended mash, without any mechanical pressure – similar to the highest grades of Tokaji wine – leading to small yields of exceptional quality. A testament to such care in production, the finished sake presents an aroma reminiscent of mild yoghurt and a similarly smooth, velvet mouthfeel, giving way to rich body and particularly clean, crisp acidity. Like a stone dropped into a pond, ripples of savoriness repeat on the palate, before calming and dissipating.

Kaishun, Kimoto, extra dry, Junmai, Yamada Nishiki

Harnessing a combination of the traditional kimoto method – wherein a higher concentration of yeast is nurtured and forced to compete within the mash – and the latent characteristics of the Yamada Nishiki rice variant, this sake bears the hallmarks of a high lactic acid volume: an earthy character, packed with umami and notes of vanilla, rounded out with sharp acidity, giving it a crisp and clear finish.