Hakurakusei, Junmai Ginjo

Fully embracing the "ultimate meal-time sake" ethos, both aroma and sweetness are subtle and subdued, taking maximum advantage of the Kura no Hana variety of rice favored in Miyagi Prefecture. Delicate at first, it proceeds to a well-rounded palate and neat aroma, before dissipating in a flurry that is unique to this sake. Without tiring the palate, savory notes gradually build from the third glass onward, commending it for any extended dining experience.

Atago no Matsu, Special Junmai

Using Sasa Nishiki rice grown locally in Miyagi Prefecture, this sake took First Prize in the 2016 Sake Competition to achieve the status of best in Japan. While abiding by the brewery ethos of delivering "ultimate meal-time sake", the Atago no Matsu sits toward the umami end of the spectrum, chasing its melon aroma with a prevailingly smooth, savoury character and pleasant sour finish. Despite being of the highest quality, the flavour is still modest and restrained, allowing it to pair well with dishes.

Atago no Matsu, Limited Junmai Ginjo, Hiyaoroshi

Twin product with the same qualities as "Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjō Hiyaoroshi". Although the brewer, rice for sake and the polishing rate are identical, a different plan has been established to aim for another quality. While staging the freshness of pleasant acidity and fruity and subtle aromas of banana and melon, the maturation of this sake has exceeded a summer, brings flexibility and roundness to all. It gives the impression of having a little more volume than the Hakurakusei.