Toyo Bijin, Tokugin, Aiyama, Junmai Daiginjo

Once the long process of recovering the brewery itself was completed, efforts shifted to reclaiming their high status and authority in sake production, turning to the so-called 'diamond of sake rice' in the Aiyama variant. This daiginjo-grade sake in the junmai style makes use of a 40% grain polish and lengthy fermentation at a low temperature to give it a velvet-smooth mouthfeel from beginning to end. A scent of strawberries and vanilla gives way to charming and voluptuous savory notes.

Toyo Bijin, Ippo, A step forward, Yamada Nishiki

While the initial clean-up and rebuilding process was still underway, Head Brewer Sumikawa was already undertaking the first steps back from the brink, courting the so-called ‘king of sake rice’ in the form of the Yamada Nishiki variant. Without declaring it on the label, this is daiginjio-grade in the junmai style, having undergone a grain polish of 50%, no filtration, and a single pasteurization. In accordance with the brewery ethos, the look is virtually indistinguishable from the pure water that imbued the original rice stalks, presenting a white-grape aroma, supple, almost fluffy mouthfeel, and gentle but lengthy finish, lingering on the palate.