Tshushimaya, Miyama Nishiki produced in Shinshu, Junmai Ginjo, Non-Filtration Original Sake

Making exclusive use of Miyama Nishiki – a rice variant originating in the old province of Shinshu, equating roughly to modern Nagano Prefecture – this is ginjo-grade sake in the junmai style, with a grain polish of 55% – those being the optimum set of conditions for brewing this particular variety. A lifted, elegant aroma of pineapple greets the nose, giving way to a mellow sweetness and a clear-cut acidity, which broaden on the palate. Its solid and balanced qualities make this a masterpiece.

Tsushimaya, Junmai, Miyama Nishiki, Non-Filtration Original Sake, Elevage

Minus 5 °C more than half a year. In 27 BY, rice for sake “Miyama Nishiki” was used, which has the highest experience as A French word “Elevage” means “aging” in English. Non-filtration original sake pressed in winter was aged live in a brewery. It starts of mature strawberry but develops notes of melon. Its features are well-rounded body with volume and still enough savories.

Tshushimaya, Kiwame no Yamada Nishiki, Junmai Daiginjo, Bottle Enclosure

Using rice from Hyogo Prefecture, this daiginjo-grade sake in the junmai style pushes Yamada Nishiki to its limits with a 45% polish rate on the grain, leaving it to brew in a small tank under the coldest conditions, before undergoing bottling, a single pasteurization, and further maturation at 10℃. The result is a brilliant but delicate, aroma of fruits and superbly sculpted body. Thoroughly deserving of the name Kiwame – or 'Pinnacle'.