Aki Tora, Junmai Ginjo, Hiyaoroshi, Senbon Nishiki

This limited release, matured from winter to the following autumn, exhibits the sharper edge and robustness of the Senbon Nishiki rice strain, married with the gentler traits of its siblings, such as the Akitora. An aroma of banana rouses the appetite, with savory elements contributing to a moderately fuller but still balanced body. The robust nature of this sake allows for a wide range of drinking temperatures, from lightly chilled through to warm, so adjust to taste.

Akiora, Junmai Ginjo, Shiboritate

This first-pressed sake, using first-harvest rice each year, is a celebration of the new vintage. With a gentle sweetness and clean acidity, it makes for perfect table sake. A fresh, youthful aroma of melon, followed by an underlying savory element provides balance, while the remaining rice lees drift like the early springtime snow in the glass.

Akitora, Junmai, Yamada Nishiki 80%

This new breed of food-centric sake uses Awa Yamada Nishiki rice polished a mere 20%, but shows none of the harsh texture normally expected from such a low rate. A smooth body, aroma of banana and grain, savory palate, and refreshing aftertaste are all intended to enhance food pairings without becoming overbearing. A lesson in careful selection of ingredients and expert brewing craftsmanship.

Akitora, Junmai, Yamada Nishiki 60%

With a flavor slightly evocative of banana, giving way to clean savory elements and a refreshing aftertaste, each mouthful of this sake becomes a captivating voyage. Use of a traditional fune-style press shows the level of meticulous care in brewing this sake compared to mainstream brands. Best enjoyed when chilled to 10℃, served in broad, shallow vessels, and sipped as the temperature gradually rises, in order to experience the full spectrum of flavors.

Akitora, Natsu Jungin, Nama

Using a traditional fune-style press, before going to bottle without pasteurization, this sake is matured at near-freezing point for limited release in the following summer. A scent of banana, with cantaloupe on the palate, plush mouthfeel, and round savory elements contribute to a long and satisfying aftertaste.