Asamayama, Junmai, Kairyoshinko

Kaiyoshinko is a relatively new branding born out of the Shinko 190 rice variant, whose lineage is traced back to the Kame no O variety. The strain is gaining a lot of attention among brewers due to its suitability for sake production, although it presents a challenge to farmers owing to the unusual height of the rice stalks. This particular example is a result of specially contracted farming and a careful brewing process. Presenting fresh and lively at first, this progresses toward mineral notes, and a leaner, elegant body. Varying quantities of rice lees gives every bottle a unique quality, making each a one-off experience.

Asamayama, Junmai, Extra dry

With a gentle flavor, light body, a delicate minerality, and clean finish, the focus here is on refreshment – dry without any heat or spice. The quality is excellent according to any measure, but together with the price it becomes exceptional.