Ishi-Zuchi, Junmai Ginjo, Green label, Fune-shibori

Traditional presser named “Fune” is used presicely to brew this sake. This dignified and gentle one sake for dinner. At first, it starts of gentle and well-rouded palate, next savouries with a little astringent spreads in the mouth and finally finishes with acidity in aftertaste. You can feel variable body expanding gradually from the moment you open it. It was served for Business Classes on the International line of ANA.

Ishi-zuchi, Non-Filtration Original Sake

A combination of long fermentation at a low temperature, and use of a traditional fune-style press give this sake a smooth, refined quality, befitting of its ginjo grade. Notes of apple, under laid with a subtle and rounded savory backbone make this sophisticated dinnertime sake and landed it gold medals at the International Wine Challenge both in 2013 and 2016 – recognized as the most authoritative assessment of jozo-style sake in the world.