Katsuyama, Akatsuki, Junmai Daiginjo, Centrifuge

Without using conventional bags for sake and automatic compressor, they rotate mash fast by the centrifugal separator improved uniquely and extracted only highly pure essence of sake! Sake for the next generation was born which overwhelms conventional Japanese sake concept. Sweetness and savory of rice, acidity and Ginjo aroma by fermentation…all elements were integrated in good condition, overwhelming refreshing in going down throat and length of echoes of aftertaste amplifies savory of foodstuff. They won 95 point in PP.

Katsuyama, Ken, Junmai Ginjo

The 11th Chief operator, previous generation, studied and created this sake as the concept “sake for dinner” in order to match eastern and western cuisine well. Junmai Ginjo that was developed during 2 generations is sophisticated medium body. This sake features fullness of gentle flavor recalling melon and smooth taste. It starts of neat and refreshing savories expand to good length. It won the first place at “SAKE COMPETITON” in the category of Junmai-Ginjo in succession for 2 years. It’s the biggest examination commission of sake tasting in Japan (the world) selecting the top level sake in Japan!

Katsuyama, Diamond Akatsuki, Junmai Daiginjo, Centrifuge

Subjecting the moromi – primary fermenting mash – to their cutting-edge centrifugal separator yields the Akatsuki, in a process that was constantly refined. The name Diamond Akatsuki is used to designate the purest incarnation of this technique, consisting of the clearest and most ephemeral element of the sake, and establishing it near the pinnacle of the craft. Purity is the key word here, from initial appearance and acidity, to clear-cut flavors, sweet rice notes, and beguilingly-contoured body. There are a great many drinks that aspire to be liquid gold, but this is truly a liquid diamond befitting the name.