Tohokuizumi, Junmai, Chotto Omachi

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  • Viognier

Product Name Tohokuizumi, Junmai, Chotto Omachi
Brewer Takahashi Brewery
Location 57, Ippongi, Fukura, Yuzamachi, Akumi-gun, Fukuoka prefecture
Toji Chika Takahashi
Rice Brand Omachi(Produced in Okayama prefecture)
Percentage of Rice Milling 65%
Alcohol Content 16%
Mother Water Underwater of Mt. Chokai



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

Founded in 1902, this is one of the leading breweries in the Tohoku Region, crafting a characteristically smooth and well-rounded sake with spring water drawn from nearby Mt Chokai. Following on the achievements of her predecessor, current Head Brewer and Chief Operator Chika Takahashi takes a modest approach to brewing, despite ten consecutive golds from the Japan Sake Competition. Unsurprisingly, this brewery continues to influence others in Yamagata Prefecture, including the celebrated Takagi and their Juuyon-dai.

About Product

Reflecting a tendency to understate their achievements, the name Chotto Omachi – or ‘Just a Little Omachi’ – is anything but. This is a masterpiece, encapsulating the voluminous character of the Omachi rice variant and displaying a deft control in its light texture and echoing flavor profile. A true exemplar of “heart-warming” sake.

Suitable Dish

Sashimi such as tuna, Fish with red flesh, Roasted buds with fish and shellfish, Matsumae pickles, Cuisine with soup stock in general

Recommended Temperature Range

【Cold Sake】10-15℃
【Warmed Sake】45-50℃

Recommended Vessel

【Cold Sake】Small glass
【Warm Sake】unglazed cup with wide aperture