Mii no Kotobuki, Natsu-jungin, Cicala

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Product Name Mii no Kotobuki, Natsu-jungin, Cicala
Location 1067-2, Sakaeda, Tachiaraimachi, Mii District, Fukuoka prefecture
Head Brewer Tadatsugu Inoue
Rice Brand Gin no Sato (produced in Fukuoka)
Percentage of Rice Milling 60%
Alcohol Content 15%
Mother Water Underwater of the Koishihara river



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

Operating upon the conviction that “Science, sense and passion are needed in brewing sake. ”, this brewery is proficient in combining both science and craft sensibilities. Having abolished the distinct role of Head Brewer more than a decade ago, the Chief Operator now handles production directly, in tandem with his brother, giving rise to a wide range of styles, from aromatic styles employing the latest brewing techniques, through to traditional yamahai. Regularly earning golds from the nationwide Sake Review Committee and regional Liquor Review Committee – incorporating Fukuoka, Saga, and Nagasaki Prefectures – the pair also take leading roles in the local Fukuoka brewing associations.

About Product

Part of an ever-popular ‘Italian series’ – with flavors and labels riffing on a theme for each season – the Cicala reflects the character of summer, while the brown bottle acknowledges the trees that bear its raucous namesake on the label, the cicada. With its yeast strains producing notably high levels of malic acid during fermentation, both the aroma and flavor profile resemble that of apples – either crisp and refreshing, if served chilled, or showing a mild sweetness when served at room temperature. Perfect as an introduction to sake, or for those who struggle with other examples, and a well-balanced summer drink from any angle.

Suitable Dish

Grilled summer vegetables, Carpaccio of white fish, Caprese, Vinegared dish, Olive oil  etc. Effective for refreshing in the mouth after fried food and meat dish

Recommended Temperature Range


Recommended Vessel

White wine glass