Hyakujuro, Akazura, Junmai extra dry

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Product Name Hyakujuro, Akazura, Junmai extra dry
Brewer Hayashi Head office Co., Ltd.
Location 2239, Shinkanou-cho, Nakashin, Kagamihara City, Gifu prefecture
Toji Rieko Hayashi
Rice Brand Gohyakumangoku
Percentage of Rice Milling 70%
Alcohol Content 15%
Mother Water Underwater of the Nagara river



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

Award History

Gold Medal at the 2014 Japan Fine Sake Awards

About Brewer

Established in 1920, and now with a fifth, female Chief Operator in Rieko Hayashi, Eiichi had been a mainstay in the local community for many years, before later launching Hyakujuro as a brand aimed toward limited distribution in specialized sake stores. The name originates from a namesake in the late Hyakujuro Ichikawa, who was a kabuki actor from Kagamihara City in Gifu Prefecture. He is remembered not only for his performances, but also for donating and planting some 1,200 sakura trees – subsequently dubbed “Hyakujuro-sakura” – which have been ranked among the top one-hundred for viewing in Japan. Likewise, this sake aims to be a source of smiles and enjoyment, to which end the incoming Head Brewer committed herself when revitalizing and refining the character of the sake in 2013. Now many come from far and wide seeking the bottled happiness just as others do the cherry trees, including the famous Beckham couple among them.

About Product

With its striking label showing the sharp red lines of traditional kumadori face painting of the kabuki theatre, the stage is set for this equally lean and sharp-edged sake. Using Gohyakumangoku rice brings both piercing and rounded character to the profile, with a body that ends in a precise and clean finish. Excellent value for money commends it for any occasion.

Suitable Dish

Seared or Charcoal-grilled chicken thigh, Shabu-shabu (Japanese hot pot with sliced pork or beef) on sesame sauce, Salt-grilled sweetfish etc.

Recommended Temperature Range

【Cold Sake】Around 10℃
【Warmed Sake】Around 50℃

Recommended Vessel

cool trimmed glass
pottery tall cup with small caliber