Katsuyama, Ken, Junmai Ginjo

  • Modern Medium
  • Germany
  • Riesling



Product Name Katsuyama, Ken, Junmai Ginjo
Brewer Katsuyama Supreme SAKE co.,Ltd
Location 25-1, Aza Futamata, Fukuoka, Izumi-Ku, Sendai City, Miyagi prefecture
Head Brewer Mitsuaki Goto
Rice Brand Yamada Nishiki(produced in Hyogo prefecture)
Percentage of Rice Milling 50%
Alcohol Content 16%
Mother Water Underground water of the foot of Izumigadake, Sendai



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

Award History

1st place at the 2015 and 2016 SAKE COMPETITION
Gold medal at the 2016 International Wine Challenge
Gold medal at the 2017 KURA MASTER

About Brewer

With an astonishing foundation date of 1688, this is the sole remaining brewery under the ownership of the Date clan, based in Sendai. Just one of many activities dedicated to both preserving the 800-year-old traditions of the clan, and promoting that history to the next generation, the brewery is nevertheless innovative in having established and overseen not only restaurants in Paris and Florence, but also a school of culinary arts, a wedding hall, and several other hospitality ventures. From cutting-edge technology, such as a centrifugal separator, to embracing concepts and approaches like terroir and noble rot, and even recommending sake paired with cigars – Katsuyama is pragmatic in pursuing the ultimate marriage of old and new in the realms of premiere global cuisine.

About Product

The 11th Chief operator, previous generation, studied and created this sake as the concept “sake for dinner” in order to match eastern and western cuisine well.
Junmai Ginjo that was developed during 2 generations is sophisticated medium body. This sake features fullness of gentle flavor recalling melon and smooth taste. It starts of neat and refreshing savories expand to good length. It won the first place at “SAKE COMPETITON” in the category of Junmai-Ginjo in succession for 2 years. It’s the biggest examination commission of sake tasting in Japan (the world) selecting the top level sake in Japan!

Suitable Dish

Medium‐fatty tuna, salt-grilled Nodoguro,lean beef steak with soy sauce flavored with grated wasabi, shabu-shabu, tuna and guacamole tartar, Galantine pork, soup dumplings, Shao Mai, etc.

Recommended Temperature Range

Around 10℃

Recommended Vessel

White Wine glass