Aki Tora, Junmai Ginjo, Hiyaoroshi, Senbon Nishiki

  • Modern Medium



Product Name Aki Tora, Junmai, Yamada Nishiki 60%
Location 38-1, Akanoko, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture
Head Brewer Yoshiyuki Ogi
Rice Brand Senbon Nishiki (produced in Kochi prefecture)
Percentage of Rice Milling 60%
Alcohol Content 16.5%
Mother Water Underwater of the river Aakano



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

This brewery is located in Aki City, Kochi Prefecture, where the Akano River and its renowned sweetfish can also be found. A relatively small brewery, they bring a playful and adventurous spirit to their craft. Some might have you believe that the name Aki Tora – ‘The Tiger of Aki’ – derives from the Hanshin Tigers baseball team, who use Aki City as a spring training ground, but don’t be fooled. The name actually derives from Aki Kunitora, a feudal lord with a fiery history who once resided in the local castle. The sake, by contrast, adopts a welcoming demeanor with its mild flavor. 

About Product

This limited release, matured from winter to the following autumn, exhibits the sharper edge and robustness of the Senbon Nishiki rice strain, married with the gentler traits of its siblings, such as the Akitora. An aroma of banana rouses the appetite, with savory elements contributing to a moderately fuller but still balanced body. The robust nature of this sake allows for a wide range of drinking temperatures, from lightly chilled through to warm, so adjust to taste.

Suitable Dish

Sashimi and Salt-grilled of Pacific saury, bar Sushi of autumn mackerel, eggplant cooked with soup etc.

Recommended Temperature Range

10 – 15 ° C cold sake
Around 40 ℃ steamed sake

Recommended Vessel

Porcelain flat cup with small caliber