Hiwata, Yamahai Junmai

  • Classic Medium
  • Riesling


Product Name Hiwata, Yamahai Junmai
Location 52, Arikabeshinmachi, Kannari, Kurihara City, Miyagi prefecture
Head Brewer Yohei Sato
Rice Brand Gohyaku Mangoku, Miyama Nishiki
Percentage of Rice Milling 65%
Alcohol Content 16%
Mother Water Underground water of the mountain near brewery



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

Award history

Gold medal at the 2017 KURA MASTER

About Brewer

Founded in 1840, the name Hagi no Tsuru is derived from the old name for the town where the brewery was first situated – originally Hagi no Mura, ‘The Town of the Blush Clover’ – now referred to as Kannari Arikabe. This was the first brewery in Miyagi Prefecture to move into specific grades of sake, after pioneering figure Yohei Sato acquired three decades of working experience in other breweries. Upon returning and assuming the role of Chief Operator in 2002, the Hiwata label was born, specializing in yamahai-style sake. It takes the name from the traditional circular rice field, wherein sacred rice is grown specifically for dedication to the gods, and is intended to promote a similar communal celebration of life among its drinkers. Like the man itself, this sake doesn’t aspire to high fashion, but is content to promote the sense of comfort and familiarity one derives from a favorite old jacket. At the same time, his dedication to the latest brewing advances and storage technology leads to a perfect marriage of “classic brewing methods and modern management”, ensuring that its followers are never fatigued by any one aspect.

About Product

Arising from the fact that it relies on bacteria producing high levels of lactic acid as a defense mechanism, the yamahai method can result in sake which some can find heavy and cloying – imagine the heavy notes of the richest Chardonnay. Consisting exclusively of sake that uses this method, the Hiwata range is thus positioned in such a way as to dispel such preconceptions, as with this example.
With a light presence that gradually expands into a gentle, savory flavor of rice grain, and a pleasant sourness on the finish, this will keep you coming back for sip after sip without palate fatigue – more in common with something like a fine Chablis.

Suitable Dish

【Cold Sake】Sashimi of fat seafood, rice bran, soba miso, cream cheese, quiche of scallops, Shirako frit, boiled dried abalone and shiitake mushrooms, Chinese-style stir-fry containing green peppers etc.
【Warmed Sake】Country dish such as boiled fish and edible roots with a strong taste, miso soup etc.

Recommended Temperature Range

【Cold Sake】10-15℃
【Warmed Sake】Around 45℃

Recommended Vessel

【Cold Sake】 Small trumpet-shaped glass
【Warmed Sake】Flat porcelain cup of big pottery