Gunma Izumi, Yamahai Junmai, Maikaze

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Product Name Gunma Izumi, Yamahai Junmai, Maikaze
Brewer Shimaoka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Location 375-2, Yura-cho, Ota City , Gunma prefecture
Toji Toshinobu Shimaoka
Rice Brand Maikaze (Produced in Gunma prefecture)
Percentage of Rice Milling 60%
Alcohol Content 15-16%
Mother Water Cell water of our house



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

Founded in 1863, this brewery has been handed down over five generations within the one family, and is situated on the fertile soil and rich water vein between the Tone and Watarase Rivers, Gunma Prefecture. Traditional yamahai-style brewing is used to highlight the qualities of the local water – with its high mineral content – and severe winter climate – with its harsh, dry winds – creating a sake with a deep but hard-edged flavor, particularly suited to serving warm.
“Following our own path and brewing sake that we wish to drink ourselves, as we have always done”, is the underlying ethos, with little heed to pretense or acquiring prestige. The result is eminently drinkable sake that reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and quality in a humble fashion.

About Product

Uniting a newly-developed local variety of rice, dubbed Maikaze, and the endemic Gunma 2 yeast strain, this limited-release is a true celebration of Gunma Prefecture.
Produced in the yamahai style – a method that employs higher yeast concentration in the initial mash, forcing different strains to compete, and ensuring that only the strong survive – it presents a profoundly savory character and pronounced acidity at first, before broadening to offer notes of stewed strawberries. Beguiling in its deep flavor, without being cloying, and refreshing edge, it is eminently – perhaps too – drinkable.

Suitable Dish

Buri Daikon, boiled taro and squid, boiled Kinki with soy, Sautéed chicken (mushroom sauce),
Roast of lamb (burdock puree), hot pot meat, raw ham, wagyu beef charcoal grilling.
* When sake made warm to near 70 ℃ and you eat raw ham and Japanese beef burned in a charcoal fire etc., it’ll melt fat of meat in the mouth and it blends harmoniously with its savories.”

Recommended Temperature Range

Around 10℃, 50℃, or 70℃

Recommended Vessel

Smaller Guinomi sake cup
(Especially unburnt one that warmth of earth is felt by)