Asamayama, Junmai, Extra dry

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Product Name Asamayama, Junmai, Extra dry
Brewer Asama Brewery Co., Ltd.,
Location 1392-10 Naganohara, Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture
Toji Takeshi Sakurai
Rice Brand 【Koji rice】Yamada Nishiki (produced in Hyogo Prefecture)
【Kake rice】Kairyo Shinko (produced in Gunma Prefecture)
Percentage of Rice Milling 60%
Alcohol Content 15%
Mother Water Underwater of Mt. Asama



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

Established during the 5th year of the Meiji Period – 1872 – this firm has maintained its presence in the Agatsuma District, Gunma Prefecture, where the winter temperatures fall to -10℃, for more than 140 years. In addition to the brewery, they also operate tourist centers ranked first among the top one-hundred roadside restaurants, and a hotel in the Kusatsu hot spring area, ranked fifth among the top one-hundred in all of Japan. Chief Operator and Head Brewer Takeshi Sakurai gained his degree from the Tokyo University of Agriculture, before training at Dewazakura Sake Brewery Corporation in Yamagata Prefecture. Upon returning to the firm in 2004, he made the transition from sake brewed primarily as souvenirs in the hot spring town to higher grade sake. In 2006 the Asamayama label was unveiled, quickly gaining a reputation for consistency in its brewing and the self-professed aim of producing the single-best sake for pairing with vegetables. With Sakurai attaining the position of President at a mere 35 years of age, this is a brewery to keep an eye on.

About Product

Gentle flavor, light body, delicate feeling of minerals and neat aftertaste are very refreshing. “Karakuchi” is not hot, but dried.
This sake is the model of the dried sake. Both of quality and cost performance is excellent!

Suitable Dish

With a gentle flavor, light body, a delicate minerality, and clean finish, the focus here is on refreshment – dry without any heat or spice. The quality is excellent according to any measure, but together with the price it becomes exceptional.

Recommended Temperature Range

Around 5℃

Recommended Vessel

Small trumpet-shaped glass