Emishiki, Kijoshu, Monsoon

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  • Riesling

Product Name Emishiki, Kijoshu, Monsoon
Brewer EMISHIKI sake brewery Co., Ltd.
Location 1-7-8, Minakuchi-cho Honmachi, Koga City, Shiga prefecture
Toji Atsunori Takeshima
Rice Brand Yamada Nishiki
Percentage of Rice Milling 50%
Alcohol Content 17%
Mother Water Spring water of the brewery (Ultra-soft spring water)



light fresh fruity soft
sharp dry sweet rich

About Brewer

The driving concept in Emishiki is that “sweetness reigns supreme”, which was introduced by the fifth and current Chief Manager, Atsunori Takeshima, when he assumed the role in 2009 and began to gain a reputation as a maverick in the industry. His commitment to challenging accepted norms as a brewer arises from his nature as an avid sake consumer as well, leading him to practice methods others might regard as flirting with madness. In breaking the mold, Emishiki pursues a “delicious and novel style for Japanese sake” – a concept which is also apparent in its catchy title and innovative label designs. As with anything pop, it can be difficult to keep pace with a line-up that constantly changes year upon year, but in this case the extra effort reflects favorably on the strength of their reputation.

About Product

The resolve of the brewer in cultivating a new age in sake production and consumption is reflected in all aspects of this product, from bottle and label designs to their contents. Without exaggeration, the flagship of the Emishiki brand is a masterpiece, using the kijoshu method – whereby special, partly-fermented sake is used instead of water – to deliver a rich profile packed with notes of vanilla and chocolate within a resounding but clean sweetness.

Suitable dish

Fried scallops and abalone with XO sauce, Chinese cuisine such as Stir-fried shrimp with chili sauce. Western cuisine such as Saute of foie gras. Dessert such as Cream brulee, vanilla ice cream.

Recommended Temperature Range

About 8℃

Recommended Vessel

Grappa glass