Shichihon Yari, Junmai 80% of polished rice

    Produced under contract and in collaboration with a local farmer, this junmai-style sake makes use of rice polished a mere 20% from their original size. As such, the end result is similarly rugged, with a heavy, rustic body and pronounced savory component, but clean acidity in the aftertaste. A sake that thrillingly reflects the strong core of the rice from which it was crafted.

    Tshushimaya, Miyama Nishiki produced in Shinshu, Junmai Ginjo, Non-Filtration Original Sake

    Making exclusive use of Miyama Nishiki – a rice variant originating in the old province of Shinshu, equating roughly to modern Nagano Prefecture – this is ginjo-grade sake in the junmai style, with a grain polish of 55% – those being the optimum set of conditions for brewing this particular variety. A lifted, elegant aroma of pineapple greets the nose, giving way to a mellow sweetness and a clear-cut acidity, which broaden on the palate. Its solid and balanced qualities make this a masterpiece.